THe eco wheel

The simple steps below explain how to start using all your eco wheel documents and to arrive at the point of having a clear action plan. 

Step 1: Your Eco Wheel Poster

First things first, you will want to get out your Eco Wheel poster. You can either print this yourself, at a size that suits your needs, or you can purchase one from our shop.

You should familiarise yourself with it’s content.

Step 2: Become familiar with your journey docs

Your journey documents will guide you on steps you can take to become more eco friendly, based on the specific action area. As you move down the table, the actions become increasingly sustainable but potentially more difficult or costly to do. The journey docs can be found under each respective area: for example, in Buildings Inc Energy, if you select the ‘Journey’ button, you will be taken to the journey docs for that subject area.

Step 3: Become familiar with the 8Rs

The 8Rs are a fundamental approach to sustainability. Many people think they are ‘doing their bit’ by recycling, but that is not the answer to the Climate Emergency. Recycling is the last resort. Become familiar with the 8Rs and structure your thinking around it so you can develop a real and long-term changed approach

Step 4: Become familiar with the Impact Documents

The Impact Document diagrams link the actions from the Journey Document, into a simple impact matrix. We show the relavitive impact of the different actions against your ability to do it in either financial or ‘time’ terms. The impact documents can be found in same place as the journey docs, within each respective subject area. For example, if you click the ‘Impact’ button under Food, you will be taken to the impact page for that subject area.

Step 5: Become familiar with the Supporting Documents

Your Supporting Documents infomation helps you become much more knowledgeable around a topic. You can choose to learn more or simply just follow the suggested actions on the Journey Document. Your supprorting docs can be found under each respective area. For example, in SUPs inc nappies, select the ‘Supporting’ button to be taken to the supporting information for that subject area.

Step 6: Map your baseline

Using your Eco Wheel poster which can be found on the downloads page and your journey docs, you can map your baseline. This will give you an indication of where you are currently working in terms of your eco journey.

Step 7: Map your targets

Using your Eco Wheel poster, and referring to your journey docs, you can then map out your intended targets. These can be reviewed at a planned date to assess your progress.

Step 8: Complete your action plan

Using your journey docs to establish the actions in a logical and structured way. Then you can crack on and start to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

You can access an example action plan here, where you can also download a blank action plan.

Step 9: Map your progress

Once you are making progress you can use your Eco wheel poster to track your progress.