The Eco Wheel Team

Nicky and Fred Edwards

We are nursery owners from just north of Bristol. With four small settings, we are busy people, but care passionately about trying to make a difference to the Climate Emergency. We believe that time is limited for us to be able to improve the health of our planet and so we wanted to help others make changes quickly too. As engineers, we like structure, logic and to know what to do in an organised way. We struggled to know what to do first and what made the biggest difference, hence the Eco Wheelwas created.

Sarah MacPherson

I am passionate about the environment and seeing the threat our activity is putting it under is devastating. We all need to make changes, but the issue can be where to even begin. Therein lies the need though for structured, supportive guidance in what can seem like an extremely daunting task. The Eco Wheel™ has come about due to Nicky and Fred’s recognition of this need, and determined hard work to produce a solution. Working on the marketing and digital aspects of the project, I am proud to be involved with a scheme that I hope will bring about real and positive change for the good of the environment.

Alex Edwards

My love for the natural world and environment, began before I can remember. Many of my fondest childhood memories were spent outside searching for frogs, newts and other animals. This passion led me to study Conservation Biology, where I learnt about the myriad of threats facing the natural world. But after witnessing first-hand the devastating impacts of climate-induced natural disasters, on both people and wildlife, my focus shifted away from just conservation to bringing about meaningful solutions to the climate crisis. The Eco-Wheel offered a perfect opportunity to do just that. By working with Early Years Settings, I was able to identify and prioritise key actions the sector should take to maximise their ability to make effective change. Helping to safe guard the planet for people now and future generations.

Chloe Wilson

As an aspiring conservationist with a degree in marine biology and oceanography, I am always eager to improve our relationship with the environment. Like many others, I’m becoming increasingly concerned for the state of our natural ecosystems and climate, and I agree that it is time for a major shift in the way we interact with nature. While tackling environmental issues can often seem overwhelming as we’re constantly exposed to new and more worrying issues everyday, the EcoWheel™ scheme presents a simple solution. It provides a clear and effective framework for anyone hoping to make a meaningful change in the nursery setting and I am delighted to be part of it!

The Testers

Bristol Childcare

Bristol Childcare is a family-run business with three nurseries across Bristol. Our first nursery opened in 1971 and our eco-ethos is still influenced by the way our founders developed the nurseries: repairing toys and furniture, growing veg and ensuring that as little as possible is wasted. We are constantly evaluating how best we can reduce our consumption, whilst supporting staff and children to learn about our environment and why care of it matters.

Midford Road and Oldfield Road Nurseries

We strongly believe that children do not need to be taught, but rather that they need to be developed through inspiring, child-led play. Our two nurseries offer innovative, wellbeing-focussed childcare provided in a home-from-home environment. All our staff are trained in wellbeing support as we believe children can only learn and grow to their full potential when they feel safe, loved and supported.

Snapdragons Nurseries Group

Snapdragons opened in January 1998 in a farmhouse in Atworth, in response to local demand for high-quality full daycare. It developed an excellent local reputation and has since expanded into Bath, Bristol and other sites in Wiltshire. Snapdragons is a family-run business that can react quickly to local needs but, more importantly, can respond personally to the families that it serves.

Archfield House Nursery

Archfield House Nursery is a forward thinking family run private nursery for children aged 3 months to 5 years. It is situated in the Cotham area of Bristol in close proximity to the City Centre, Bristol. The nursery started as a small pre-school in 1986 and has grown over 34 years into its current entirety. Archfield’s sister nursery, Woodland House opened in 2009 in Clifton. Both nurseries have a nautral learning ethos, including regular Forest and Beach School sessions

Rocking Horse Nursery

The Rocking Horse Day Nursery is a small family run business based in Kingswood, Bristol.
Children are active participants in their own learning, and are enabled to pursue their personal interests by exploring and experimenting through play and making choices. Our outdoor environment offers children opportunities to take risks and challenge themselves in a safe and supportive way.

Ashgrove Park and Clyde House

Ashgrove Park and Clyde House are two sister day nurseries in Bishopston and Ashley Down (BS7), Bristol. Owned by the same family for 25 years – with the owner’s grandchildren and children attending – the nurseries provide a ‘home from home’ feel, with 62 places for local children aged from six months to five years, served by a well-established team of practitioners.

The Inspirers

Saffia Bullock

Saffia Bullock (also known as Saffia Farr) is the Managing Director of Bristol Childcare as well as the Editor of the JUNO, a natural  Parenting Magazine for parents.

Cheryl Hadland

Cheryl is the Managing Director of Hadland Care Group, the umbrella company for Tops Day Nurseries, Aspire Training Team, and founder of GECCO. GECCO is a registered charity, established to promote sustainability in Early Years childcare and education.

Lisa Mann

Lisa is the owner of two nurseries in Bristol and also partner in an information website, Good With Money, designed to dispel myths and myriad terminology involved in the systainable/eco/ethical finance world.

Louise Lloyd-Evans

Louise is the owner of Young Friends Nature Nursery in Hove, East Sussex. She is also a speaker, trainer and shares her knowledge via social media (SNAP, Sustainable Nurseries Against Plastic) and regular ‘SNAP planning to Excel Days’.

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