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This is Eco Wheel™ Children’s reading list. All the books are hand selected to provide children with engaging reading on our planet, and the various ways we can all help look after it.

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The Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

By Nuria Roca

This book is a fantastic read to start little ones off on their understanding of how and why we recycle. There are eye-catching illustrations that accompany easy to understand explanations of what happens to our waste and relatable examples of ways in which we can all Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. At the back, there’s even an activities section and a Note to with Parents with deeper explanation of the 3 R’s.

ISBN-10: 0764135813 ISBN-13: 978-0764135811


This is Our World

By Emily Sollinger

This is a vibrant and interactive book which includes puzzle pieces that can be collected on each page and used to create two puzzles at the end of the book. The messages around recycling are of a more simplified nature and the book offers ideas for being more environmentally friendly such as planting more trees, a beach clean up and making bird houses out of old milk cartons.

ISBN-10: 1416978216 ISBN-13: 978-1416978213

I can save the Ocean!

By Alison Inches

In this series we follow protagonist Max, the Little Green Monster who in this edition, loves picnics on the beach and swimming in the ocean but does ‘Not like to clean up after himself’. After seeing for himself that the litter ends up in our oceans though, Max vows to save the ocean. He changes his ways, adopting various methods to reduce the amount of waste reaching the ocean, and recruits his friends to become little green monsters too.

ISBN-10: 1416995145 ISBN-13: 978-1416995142

I can save the Earth!

By Alison Inches

In this edition of the series, Max the Little Monster gains a new appreciation for the outside world after a powercut forces him to go outside and he realises the world is beautiful, and he wants to save it. He changes his ways, choosing the outdoors over in, recycling, conserving energy and turns into the Litte GREEN Monster!

ISBN-10: 1416967893 ISBN-13: 978-1416967897

My green day

By Melanie Walsh

A great illustrative book that can introduce little ones to the ways in which they can make their day more environmentally friendly. Each change is small and achievable such as showering for less time, eating free-range eggs rather than battery farmed and hanging clothes on the line instead of using the tumble dryer.

ISBN-10: 1406377147 ISBN-13: 978-1406377149

10 Things I can do to help my World

By Melanie Walsh

True to form the illustrations of this book by Melanie Walsh has briliant illustrations and the creatively transforming pages, make this book an ideal introduction for a younger one on small changes that can be taken up to help save the planet. The books feel high qulaity; lots of effort has gone into the feel and design, and it shows.

ISBN-10: 1406320293 ISBN-13: 978-1406320299

Pesky Plastic – An Environmental Story

By Leticia Colon de Mejias

An informative book that is great for introducing young ones to the dangers of waste plastic getting into the ecosystem and animal habitats. The illustrations are wonderful and there are activities at the back that can be carried out to further knowledge and interest in the subject.

ISBN-10: 0989336417 ISBN-13: 978-0989336413

A Planet Full of Plastic

By Neal Layton

This is an educational book for older children with in depth information on plastics, and the problems they create in terms of sustainability. Wonderful illustrations accompany languag that delivers this important message in a rare tone that manages to inspire without preaching or daunting.

ISBN-10: 1526361736 ISBN-13: 978-1526361738

What a Waste!

By Jess French

With great graphics this book is thoroughly engaging whilst being extremeley informative. It covers pollution, what causes it, our sustainablity and conservation efforts, how to live more sustainably and many more. After all that information, we are left with the message ‘You have the power to make a positive change’, making it a fantastic inspiration for any budding ecologists!

ISBN-13:?978-1409563983 ISBN-13: 978-0241366912

See Inside Recycling and Rubbish

By Alex Frith

This book is part of a collection of informative books that provide engagement through wonderful illustrations and flaps to ‘reveal’ more information. In this part we learn about what happens to our rubbish. The books are designed to provoke thought on subjects by providing enough complexity without overloading.

ISBN-10: 1409507416 ISBN-13: 978-1409507413

See Inside Weather and Climate

By Katie Daynes & Russell

Part of the Usborne Flap Book series, this book on weather and climate is interesting and informative. We learn about the weather, where it comes from, world climates, how clouds form, weather extremes and changing climates.

ISBN-10: 9781409563983 ISBN-13: 978-1409563983

See Inside Energy

By Alice James

In yet another great informative book by Usborne we are treated to over 65 flaps with detailed information on where energy comes from and where it might come from in the future. As usual, very curiosity provoking and well written with enough detail to begin to understand the topic.

ISBN-10: 9781474917964 ISBN-13: 978-1474917964

Silly Human

By Billy Hindley

This is a great little educational book with a fun side. It manages to explain an important subject in a way that’s suitable for it’s intended age group, whilst keeping it engaging by adding a silly side.

ISBN-10: 1527229459 ISBN-13: 978-1527229457


By Jess Stockholm

A book designed to encourage conversation between reader and listener through very simple introduction of areas in which we might recycle. Illustrative pictures make it more of a visual and conversational read.

ISBN-10: 1846434157 ISBN-13: 978-1846434150

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By Rebecca Rissman

In Putting the Planet First: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, discover how people around the world are working all the time to find new ways to re-use and recycle materials, and reduce waste. Learn too, what you can do to help the environment, and about small changes you can make that will have a real impact.

ISBN-10: 1526301164 ISBN-13: 978-1526301161

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

By Sarah Roberts

A very sweet book with fantastic illustration that educates children on the dangers of plastic pollution to ocean creatures. Stanley is a really engaging character carrying a very important message for the younger children.

ISBN-10: 1407195107 ISBN-13: 978-1407195100

George Saves the World by Lunchtime

By Jo Readman

A great informative book for older children that offers deeper explanation and interesting combination of photo and drawn illustrations. When George decides he is going to save the world by lunchtime, he’s surprised by the things his Grandpa suggests. Together they compost, cycle instead of drive, mend broken toys and even eat strawberry tarts…all of which his Grandpa explains have helped to save the world by lunctime!

ISBN-10: 1903919509 ISBN-13: 978-1903919507

Charlie and Lola – Look After Your Planet

By Lauren Child

Based on the very popular Charlie and Lola stories, this version is true to form offering a fun and educational introduction to recycling and is ideal for children who already know (and love) Charlie and Lola.

ISBN-10: 0141333731 ISBN-13: 978-0141333731

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