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My love for the natural world and environment, began before I can remember. Many of my fondest childhood memories were spent outside searching for frogs, newts and other animals. This passion led me to study Conservation Biology, where I learnt about the myriad of threats facing the natural world. But after witnessing first-hand the devastating impacts of climate-induced natural disasters, on both people and wildlife, my focus shifted away from just conservation to bringing about meaningful solutions to the climate crisis. I therefore undertook an MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds, which equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to help confront both the climate and ecological crisis. The Eco-Wheel offered a perfect opportunity to do just that. By working with Early Years Settings, I was able to identify and prioritise key actions the sector should take to maximise their ability to make effective change. Helping to safe guard the planet for people now and future generations.

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If there is a climate emergency why isn’t the government doing more about it?



Surely the changes need to be made by countries like the USA and China. The UK is not a big contributor to the problem?

An introduction to climate change?





Is a Sustainable diet also healthy for my child?

How bad actually is plastic pollution, isn’t it the most important issue?



I’ve heard a lot about palm oil, but why is it a problem?

Is organic farming better for the environment and climate?




I recycle, isnt that enough?

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